How to develop website using python in 2024?

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Python, known for its simplicity, readability, and versatility, has become a popular choice for web development. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this guide will walk you through the process of developing a website using Python. From choosing a framework to deploying your site, we’ll cover the key steps to help you build robust and dynamic web applications.

In this era of technology, the way people lived and did business have changed tremendously. Online business functionality and digital marketing has taken over traditional ways.  Websites have become a prime factor of running businesses.

Without using websites and other kinds of online business running tools, the growth of abusiness is hampered. There are around 1.13 billion websites currently existing on the internet. they are crucial for running a business and its survival. Most of these websites are mainly made of CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Why use Python for web development?

Python is a powerful programming language which is also most widely used for web development. There are many frameworks that support using Python. It is versatile, adaptable, easy to use and provides scalability.

Python has the ability to multitask that also provides data security to users making it a top choice for business organizations to use for their web development. It is also helps in conducting data science, complex statistical analysis and other machine learning tasks making it a reliable and smart choice for web development.

Advantages of Using Python for Building a Website:

Here are some reasons that will help you understand the benefits of using Python.

Versatility– Python is a versatile programming language. It allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously such as scientific computing, statistical data analyses, artificial intelligence, web development, data security and much more making it very flexible to use.  It is an open-source language and can be used with multiple frameworks.

Simplicity – It’s syntax is easy to use and remember therefore best general-purpose programming language choice for beginners. It comprises of a lot of English phrases and words that is why it is easy for newbie to learn.

It is has an easy maintenance and much less complex than many on board machine languages therefore users are less likely to make errors. This does not only saves time for the developer, but also leads to easier implementation, modification and debugging.

Multiple Frameworks – Python can work with a number Frameworks like Flask, Django, AIOHTTP, Web2Py. They help in providing competent and powerful tools for building various web applications. This is a great advantage of using Python as it lets the creator to develop complex websites and applications with ease.

Data Visualization Techniques:

Python can perform complex statistical analyses and present it in versatile forms. It can form creative visualizations of complex data items making it ideal for informative websites. This is a valuable advantage for organizations in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Stages to develop a Website Using Python:

  1. Create Python Web Hosting Service:

All websites need hosting. Majority of the web hosting companies allow websites to run using Python code. Figure out and get the best hosting company for your Python website. Using a website host that does not focus on Python may cause troubles and it will be difficult for users to stay updated with Python’s latest versions.

As a result the website will load incorrectly and cause errors. Python is even pre installed in some hosting websites for convenience. After getting the appropriate web hosting service, the next step is to learn CSS, JavaScript and HTML; programming languages.

  1. Assimilate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:

HTML and CSS are the building blocks of any website development. Whether you are an expert developer or a beginner you need to have ample comprehension of these programming languages CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Without using these one cannot build the front end of a website which is the one visitors see and use. Hence, acquiring the basic knowledge of these is vital for web development.

  1. Mastering the document object model (DOM):

After learning the CSS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s time to make command over the document object model (DOM). This phase is to help developers build dynamic and complex web pages. DOM is an interface that displays XML documents in programmatically tree structure to developers. Developers will write all the HTML elements in the document object. Combining it with jQuery, (which is a JavaScript library) assists in dealing with DOM which is greatly beneficial.

  1. Applying backend development with Python:

The next step is to apply Python for the backend. Learn the Python syntax so that moving on to frameworks become easier.


  1. Choose Appropriate Framework:

Another key step while creating a website using Python is to opt for appropriate framework. Several different frameworks are there that are used for easier and faster development of website using Python. They are a s follows:

Flask: Flask is a micro level web framework that is written in Python. It is termed a micro-framework because it does not restrict you to use specific libraries and tools which make it easier for people to use. Flask provides extensions that have pre added application features such as form validation, object relational mapping and other common framework tools.

Django: Django is an open framework source that is most widely used and freely available. It assists users in rapid development, smooth functionality, and provision of clean practical design.  It is created by experienced professionals in a way that is less prone to errors for beginners. In this way it allows you to focus more on developing the app in a hassle free manner.

Heroku: This framework allows developers to create, operate and run applications completely in the cloud.

Web2Py: It is an open source platform that is easily available for all web hosting services. It provides in- built defensive system to save the newly made webs from potential dangers.

AIOHTTP: AIOHTTP is useful in a way that it provides server and user friendly side benefiting both sides.

Choose carefully either from these or several other frameworks that are available on board based your needs and skill of operating them.


  1. Code the Website:

Whichever framework you choose to install, the next step is to begin coding. This step takes most of the time but can go pretty quickly too because most of the tasks are already coded in place in Python supported frameworks. With the help of appropriately chosen framework and expert developer you can run you site within hours. However, If your framework does not specially focuses on Python and a typical developer works on it then most of the tasks will need manual coding and it can take few days to complete excluding the site’s content.

  1. Testing and Debugging:

The last stage of developing a website with Python is to test and check for bugs (errors.) a functional test must be conducted to make sure the site runs smoothly, all the links and buttons work.. If an error occurs, locate and rectify it. Testing makes sure that the site is easy for users to navigate, the content is readable, the links are accessible and the overall interaction is smooth.

  1. Launch the website:

Once the site is error free and functioning smoothly its time to launch it! Once it’s launched regular updates and improvements need to be carried out for a long term success.

Websites that are built using python:

There are many popular and widely used websites that are created using Python. Some of them are listed below:

And all of them are a hit and high-profile, heavy traffic websites.



Wrapping up:

Python is currently the best and most useful web development language. It is easy to use, implement and affordable. Once you master the use of it you can successfully stable web applications that help meet variety of business needs.

Hope this article helps you in beginning your ride to Python web development. If you someone is still not capable enough of learning and developing a website with Python, they can always go for hiring professionals that can do the trick and let user to focus more on the rest of the business and its core functions.


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