How To Get SEO Clients On LinkedIn?

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Are you a professional SEO seeking new business? LinkedIn is an excellent resource for locating possible customers and creating meaningful connections. With more than 700 million members, LinkedIn is a great place to network with like-minded professionals, develop your personal brand, and highlight your abilities.


Utilize LinkedIn’s search feature to identify businesses or people that could require SEO services. You can narrow down your search by region, industry, or keyword research pertaining to your intended customers. Think about concentrating on sectors that are more likely to spend money on SEO to increase their online visibility.


Many people are interested in finding work, but there’s an issue: they don’t know how to use LinkedIn to do it. To find and apply for jobs, they just make a profile, optimize it a little, and follow business owners. However, that is not the entire tale. The LinkedIn family should think about a lot of things. I’m here to offer my professional advice on obtaining SEO clients on LinkedIn because of this.


Share insightful knowledge and information, leave thoughtful comments on others’ postings, and strike up discussions with other professionals in your field to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn. Maintaining an advantage over competitors, particularly on LinkedIn, is essential to growing your business. Increase your visibility on the network, and you’ll be more likely to come across new opportunities.


Why LinkedIn Is the Greatest Network for SEO Professionals:


Let’s first examine why LinkedIn is the ideal platform for SEO experts before getting into the strategies for locating SEO clients on the network. Some of the important reasons mentioned below:


Professional network:

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking where users can connect, network, and expand their businesses. It is a place where companies and people go to locate experts that can assist them with their requirements. Utilizing LinkedIn’s professional network as an SEO specialist will assist you to locate prospective customers in need of your services.


Targeted Customers:

People can display their professional abilities and knowledge on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s innovative search filters can be used to identify targeted customers who belong to the same demographic as you. Your search can be narrowed down by region, job title, industry, and more.


Establish Credibility and Trust:

People may develop their knowledge, exchange ideas, and learn new things on LinkedIn. You may establish credibility and trust as an authority in SEO by sharing useful material and interacting with your audience. By doing this, you’ll be able to draw in prospective customers who respect your skills and expertise, are inclined to hire you for their SEO requirements.


Offer Specialized Services:

Don’t panic as a beginner; instead, focus on one really narrow area to serve your clients in. such as social media marketing, content creation, on-page SEO, link development, and speed optimization.

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Clearly State What Services Your company Offers:

Decide precisely the services you wish to offer as a starting point. What special abilities can your team provide to clients?

LinkedIn offers a variety of platforms for advertise your company’s work (websites, articles, media initiatives, awards, active projects, etc.), so you can really hone in on your offer and make a strong impression.


Additionally, consider the types of tasks you are not interested in performing. You can avoid the leads who are searching for that kind of work in case you know that a specific project (or client, for that matter) isn’t a good fit for your company.


Make sure your agency has a professional LinkedIn profile.

As was mentioned in the first point, LinkedIn provides a great venue for advertising the greatest work produced by your company. Make sure your profile accurately represents your company because it serves as your calling card.
Act as though some of your clients will base their decision to work with your company only on your profile.

  1. A professional logo
  2. A brief bio that highlights the services you offer
  3. A custom banner that looks professional and is the right size for LinkedIn should all be included in your profile.
  4. Powerful portfolio items that highlight your abilities to help clients


Always keep in your mind that you have to active, engaged and provide updates on your business profile when you finish customer assignments, pick up new abilities, and acquire qualifications.


Make your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles Better Optimized

Being a professional is necessary for self-promotion. So be sure to highlight skills and professionalism on your profile. You also look up how to improve a personal profile on Google for professionals.


Always be keen to join relevant communities and groups.

Join the relevant skill-related group on Facebook and LinkedIn if you are on those social media channels. Although there are many other social networking platforms, I suggest Facebook as well as LinkedIn.


Establish a connection with the individuals you have targeted.

One of the main ingredients to your success is this. You must determine who your intended audience is. Who the targeted customers are that wants to avail your services.

Establish a link with persons who have experience in the real estate industry in case you are offering services to real estate agents.


Provide Helpful Information To Address Their Issues

In case, you are active in all the groups and communities and have a strong rapport with your target market. You understand that you can now view all of their queries and issues on your feed, right?


Generally, if you receive posts from individuals seeking assistance, knowledge, or solutions to their queries, this is your opportunity to make place in their hearts. Thus, use your abilities to assist them in providing information and persuade them.


Remember, don’t ever try to market them on your inbox or to sell them directly. Offering something through an inbox is worse and will irritate people more than anything else.


Therefore, you should assist someone who posts on the group asking for assistance. More people will read your insightful comment, and some of them will get in touch with you.


Try to help someone if they get in touch with you and inform you about their issues. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about revenue, since you’ve finished.


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Always be quicker and active.

Make sure to reply right away if someone messages you or comment on one of your posts. It will have a favorable effect on your professional life.

Be Supportive and Honest.

Being supportive and honest at all times. Because you will increase sales if you can evoke feelings in others. You don’t need to worry about sales if you’re nice as well as honest.


You’ll have no trouble expanding your LinkedIn SEO client list by adhering to these seven simple methods. It’s all about connecting with individuals and demonstrating to them how you can support their success on the internet.


  1. Boost Your Profile

    Improve your LinkedIn profile by including your work history, uploading about your successes, and utilizing keywords that will make you stand out in searches.


Assume that you are creating your LinkedIn profile. Rather to simply writing “SEO Expert,” you may write something along the lines of “I help businesses show up first on Google!” I think that’s quite obvious and catchy. You may use a sentence like “I’ve helped small businesses get noticed online for over five years” as your summary.


  1. Expand Your Network

    Consider LinkedIn as a large-scale networking platform. You would not merely stand there, is that right? You would approach folks, say hello, and strike up a conversation. LinkedIn is in the same boat. Make connections with individuals in your industry, such as marketers or company owners. Join SEO-related communities and strike up conversations with members.


  1. Share Fantastic Content

    Suppose you come onto a great post regarding SEO advice. Add a brief note to it on your LinkedIn profile, such as, “Check out these simple SEO tips I found!” When they see how knowledgeable you are, they might want to collaborate with you.

  2. Share Free Stuff

    Giving anything away for free can pique someone’s interest in collaborating with you. Say something like, “Hey, this month I’m offering free 30-minute SEO consultations. Let’s talk about how I can support your company.”


  1. Look for Effective Ads:

    Let’s say, you wish to connect with local business owners. You can accomplish that with LinkedIn advertisements! A straightforward advertisement such as “Having trouble to getting recognized online? Hire me to assist! For a free SEO consultation, get in touch with me.”


  1. Always Upload Your Successes On Your Profile:

Suppose you recently assisted a nearby bakery in rising to the top of Google searches. You may post their LinkedIn success story. “Excited to share how I assisted a local bakery enhance their online orders and increase their revenue with simple SEO assistance!”


  1. Always Active And Stay In Touch

    Don’t stop communicating with someone you connect with on LinkedIn. Say something nice to them, like, “Thank you for getting in touch! Please get in touch if you ever need assistance with SEO.” If you carry on the conversation, you might just get a new client!



LinkedIn is a great platform for SEO specialists to locate possible customers and establish meaningful relationships. You may attract potential clients and establish your personal brand as an SEO expert by optimizing your profile, producing quality content, joining pertinent groups, interacting with possible clients, using LinkedIn Ads, and going to LinkedIn events. Never forget to put relationships and value creation first; stay away from self-promotion.


To increase your internet presence and show prospective clients your level of knowledge, make sure you post content on a regular basis. You’ll increase your chances of drawing in SEO clients and building a profitable business by adhering to these guidelines and maintaining an active LinkedIn presence.


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