How to create a free blog and make money

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Having a blog is an amazing thing since you could share anything you need (plus in case that you are sensible, you could likewise get decent revenue from your blog).

create a blog for free and make money BEST blessing you can allow at any day of the year.

A blog not just enables you to convey what needs be, share your aptitude, as well as make followers and fans yet additionally causes you to procure better and decent revenue through the blog.

In case you are actually new to blogging plus are thinking about how to start a blog for free of cost, in this amazing post, we will tell you the best approach to how to create a free blog (Blogger)(Google’s very own free blogging stage).

here we are going to “How to create a blog for free and make money”.


Blogger is Google’s own free blogging webpage where you could make a free blog alongside the subdomain as, or you can purchase a domain (suggested) to have your ideal site.

Presently we should perceive how you could start your very own blog for free with our well-ordered guide underneath.

1. How to create an account on blogger:

To begin, blogger creates an account go to site, plus you will be welcomed with a wonderful home page which prompts you to create your own blog for free.

Since blogger is a fantastic product by Google, you could simply make a free of cost blog account by logging in alongside your favored Gmail account. After you sign in, you will be approached to utilize blogger as the default Google in addition to profile or in case that you did like to proceed alongside a constrained profile.

How to create a blog for free and make money


We suggest you pick the previous for included advantages like connecting and interfacing your blog alongside your Google in addition to a social profile.

On the following display, tap on the button termed“Create your blog” again to launch the first blog.

2. Picking a theme and name of the blog:

In the subsequent screen or display, you get the chance to choose a specific domain for the blog.

The domain name, in case you do not have a clue, is an address or location through which individuals over the world could get to your site.

It resembles your physical address of the office individuals would require to contact you at the office.

Pick a short and small domain name that applies to the blog subject.

Next, pick an appropriate theme (chooses how the blog will appear on the front) for the blog as well as tap on the button named as “Create blog!”. (Try not to stress you could generally modify these later.)

3. Optimizing and enhancing the blogger blog:

After you make your blog, it is a great opportunity to optimize and enhance it for more internet searcher visibility plus better client experience.

This is a one-time procedure

You could get to it on the panel’s left-hand-side.

Simply tap on the option or choice that peruses “Settings” plus you could optimize and enhance your blog as underneath:

Including the description and details to your blogger blog assists web search tools, and readers realize what the blog is all about. You could set it by choosing the basic settings option below the primary “settings panel.”

Optimizing the blogger blog’s post section:

This segment will optimize and improve your landing page and by what means things like in the single post settings.

These settings are entirely self-explanatory, plus in case you have any problems, at that point, you could tap on the symbol of help (symbol of a question mark) to acquire more insights concerning it.

Optimizing the blog for search engine optimization:

In this segment, you optimize and improve your blog for web search tools.

Meta tags:

You will compose a decent outline and summary regarding the blog here. This will show up on web search tools and will pull in readers to the blog.

Custom page not found:

As soon as individuals arrive on your site through a URL that never again exists, you could set a message and note to them that the web page does not exist. You could set any of the HTML message or custom text instructing and teaching them what to do straightaway.

Custom redirects:

In case that somebody connects to any of your pages or posts, plus you happen to erase that web page, or they connect to an off-base URL that does not exist, you could utilize this option or choice to redirect all of such backlinks to any single web page. In a perfect globe, this ought to be the landing page URL here.

4. How to edit or customize blogger template :

Presently, in this area, we will alter or edit the specifics of the blogger template.

Blogger, as of now, consists of a wide variety of free of cost templates that are simple and basic. However, in case you need to go for some other blog layout or template, you could download those from a straightforward Google search.

Despite that, for this blog, we will go alongside the default blogger layout or template.

Including a logo:

A logo is actually the thing that identifies and defines your brand.

Blogger additionally enables you to set a custom and personalized logo for the blog.

Since you are beginning, you do not have to get a costly logo design and structure. You could make a basic logo by your very own utilizing a free tool, for instance, Canva.

From that point onward, you could go to the format or layout choice as well as select the option “edit” interface in the box of header.

It prompts you different choices to set a logo, pick a custom picture to upload the one you basically designed and planned.

Eliminating the navbar:

The navbar is a terrible nav bar on the highest point of your every webpage that has connections to sign out plus visit different blogs and online journals.

We prescribe expelling this since it looks revolting and furthermore gets the per user to go to different sites through the following blog link.

To evacuate it, tap on the link named “edit” on the box that peruses navbar as well as in the following popup window, and turn it off.

Including a custom and personalized gadget:

Gadgets are minor pre-manufactured code scraps that assist you to include different functionality and usefulness your blog.

You could utilize those to include buttons of social media, a search alternative, visitor stats, contact form, a custom-menu, or actually anything by means of custom HTML.

In case that you need to include a custom device to blogger, as soon as you choose the “layout” alternative, you will discover little hyperlinks that read and peruse “add a gadget.” Tapping on those will actually open default blogger devices or gadgets, as well as you could pick which one to include.

Alongside this, you basically have arranged and set up an expert blog on Blogger for free. All that you need to do next is to compose posts and web pages that direct people to your blog.

5. How to publish content on blogger:

If you are confounded, pages and posts are actually the equivalents except for the way that web pages usually are steady information that once in a while gets updated or changed.

This implies you could utilize web pages to make you regarding the disclaimer page, privacy policy, and page and whatever other such data that consistently stays steady.

Making an about us web page for the blog:

The about page is likely going to be the best and most visited webpage of your blog on the grounds that each peruses that would need to look at what your identity is, the thing that your main goal is plus what they could anticipate from the blog.

Composing the about page is basic, you simply require to provide an introduction and guide to yourself.

From that point forward, you can speak somewhat about the blog as well as what topics and subjects the readers could anticipate from it.

In case you are giving any of the services and facilities or are open for any of the corporate deals, it is additionally great to make reference to those here and connect them to separate webpages you will make for them.

In conclusion, remember to include the social channels, for instance, Twitter or profile or Facebook web page handle in order to get them to tail you over yonder.

Composing your disclaimer page and privacy policy:

Disclaimer pages and privacy policy include legal explanations concerning how your website utilizes your guest information plus to what variables you are obligated to them and so forth.

These are significant webpages that you ought to make before propelling the blog publicly or even applying for any of the monetization projects, for instance, AdSense.

Writing the first and primary post:

Presently the time has come to compose articles or posts that you need individuals to peruse on the blog.

These could be topics and subjects that you have aptitude in or keyphrases that you need to rank for once individuals search for them on Google.

To compose a post, you need to go to the blogger dashboard plus choose the choice “New Post.”

How to create a blog for free and make money

You will at that point arrive on a proofreader or editor where you could compose the blog entry, provide it a title, include pictures as well as even hyperlinks to different pages and posts on the reference articles or blog around the internet.

The editing idea is like you do in a Google doc or MS Word; thus, it won’t be tough for you.

Monetizing the blog alongside Google Ad Sense:

This guide on beginning a free of cost blog would definitely be inadequately prived of a tutorial to adapt and monetize the BlogSpot blog.

Here is the way to monetize the blogger blog alongside Adsense.

As soon as you have at any rate a respectable number of blogs and a decent readership, you could utilize Google AdSense to acquire cash from the Blogspot blog.

You could simply apply for AdSense by means of the blogger dashboard plus get the endorsement.

In order to apply for Ad Sense by means of Blog, you need to go to the dashboard; tap on “Earnings” plus tap apply for Ad Sense.

How to create a blog for free and make money


Thus, alongside this, you finished your intense course to make a free of cost blog on blogger.

We trust you begin your very own free of cost blog, increase direct involvement in blogging, and procure some cash for your money related opportunity.

After this, you could move your blog whenever to one hosted and facilitated WordPress web journals or blogs to deal with the blog and get considerably progressively potential for its development.

This topic was “How to create a blog for free and make money” and if you have any question or suggestion about this topic. Just comment and discuss it with us.


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