Use Blogger to create a free blog

Table of Contents

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Begin With Blogger
  • Maintain the blog 
  • Change the appearance of the blog
  • Manage and Deal with the Blog
  • Personalizing plus customizing the blog
  • Advantages and disadvantages of blogger
  • Blogger vs. WordPress
  • Blogger vs. Wix 
  • Pricing 
  • Conclusion


Blogger is basically free of cost blogging service provided by Google. It proposes a speedy and simple approach to make a blog for non-technically knowledgeable clients. if you want to create blog then use Blogger to create a free blog.

Blogger is among the earliest blogging stages and platforms in presence. It was first introduced by Pyra Labs in 1999. Later in the year 2003, Google obtained Blogger plus redesigned it as the item and product we recognize today. Blogging is the easiest way to earn money in present world. You can get free Domain & Hosting and start your journey of blogging. So join the blogging and earn some extra at home.

All you want is a Google account to begin a free of cost blog on Blogger. 

Blogger is actually Google’s free device for making online blogs and journals. Past Blogger versions were intensely branded alongside the Blogger logo.Yet the most recent edition is unbranded and flexible; thus, you could utilize it to make and advance your online blogs and journals deprived of making a major investment and venture.

Begin With Blogger: 

In spite of the fact that there are increasingly unpredictable blogging tools accessible.The blend of (free) cost plus adaptability makes Blogger an alluring alternative, regardless of whether you are updating loved ones regarding your life, hosting own recommendation section, or examining your political perspectives. Your blog could have numerous contributors or you as it were. You could even utilize Blogger in order to make web recording feeds.

Important Note:

Google has not put as much exertion into maintaining and keeping up Blogger as they basically have into structure new services, thus it is conceivable Blogger can end sooner or later. Generally, Google gave procedures to port the content to different stages.Therefore, the chances are great that if Google closes Blogger, you can relocate to WordPress or different reliable and dependable platform. 

Setting up an account of Blogger is simple. To begin with, you make an account. At that point, you pick a template and a name for the blog. You could make various online blogs and journals under one account to isolate the professional blog regarding your business from your own one about the cats, for instance.

When the blog is set up, Blogger proposes an essential WYSIWYG editor. Or then again, in case that you like, switch to plain HTML. Most of the media kinds could be implanted in posts, despite that; Similarly, as alongside most of the blog platforms, JavaScript is confined. In case you want all the more formatting choices, utilize Google Docs in order to post to the Blogger blog.

How to create a free blog using Blogger.

Maintain the Blog:

Maintain the Blog

Blogger host the blog on as well as incorporates analytics that displays how individuals utilize the blog. Utilize a default Blogger uniform resource locator, the current domain, or even a domain you purchase via the Google Domains as you arrange plus set up the blog. The upside of utilizing Google’s frees facilitating and hosting services plus facilities is that it scales well; thus, you do not need to stress over your blog slamming in case that becomes famous.

To merely post to the blog, configure plus design Blogger alongside a secret email ID to email post on the blog. Alongside email posting, you could utilize your cell phone in order to post to the blog. Utilize Blogger cellular phone (a service-related to Blogger), in order to post the images directly from the cell phone. 


Google doesn’t right now propose an approach in order to make posts of the voice directly on Blogger from cell phones.

Change the appearance of the blog:

Blogger proposes a few default templates as well as you could change to another template or layout whenever. The template and format control the feel and looks of the blog. You could likewise personalize plus make a template, in spite of the fact that is doing as such needs propelled knowledge and learning of CSS and website design. On the other hand, numerous individuals and sites propose Blogger templates and layouts free for individual use.

Inside Blogger, the arrangement and planning of most template components could be altered by dragging and dropping. Including new components is simple, and Google gives a decent determination.For example, titles, link lists, AdSense ads, and banners. Include as well as manipulate the devices, similar to games or photograph albums, to further personalize the blog.

Change the appearance of the blog

Blogger proposes drag-and-drop usefulness to upload photos from the PC to your blog. You could likewise utilize Google Photographs to install photos or YouTube to implant videos.

Manage and Deal with Your Blog:

n case that you need to utilize your blog as a private blog or journal, make the posts private. 


You could just set the setting of privacy for the whole blog, not separable and individual posts.

In case that you need to make the blog available to specific individuals, make the posts confined on endorsed readers. In case you utilize this setting, every individual you endorse and approve should be signed in to a Google account in order to read the blog. 

You need to impart and share the blog too, however, many individuals as could be allowed, Blogger makes it simple to share. It is perfect alongside most of the social sharing websites, for example, Pinterest and Facebook.

To remain sorted out, plus assist readers in discovering posts on specific subjects, including labels to every post. Like this, every one of your posts regarding fast supper recipes, healthy snack ideas, and cooking for kids are appropriately recognized. 

You could profit straightforwardly from your blog by utilizing AdSense to consequently and automatically put advertisements on the blog webpage. The amount that you earn relies upon the topic and the fame of your blog. In case that you do not utilize AdSense, no advertisements show up on your blog except if you put them there.

Personalizing and customizing your blog:

ou could alter the look of your blog utilizing various layouts and themes. 

Begin alongside a base theme plus personalize the background and experience, layout, background, fonts, colors, and many more. You could either utilize the Blogger Theme Designer or even alter the HTML code yourself:

Blogger proposes loads of themes; however, you could likewise upload premium and free themes from outsider merchants. 

Blogger utilizes Gadgets (equal to WordPress Gadgets) to assist design and structure the layout of the webpage. You could utilize Gadgets in order to do things like present the archive of your blog, show labels of the blog in a rundown on each webpage or put your profile on each page.

How to create a free blog using Blogger.

When you have included a gadget you could drag-and-drop or relocate it on your webpage layout and design as you wish:

Advantages and disadvantages of the blogger:


  • Blogger platform is free of cost.
  • It is simple to utilize as well as manage deprived of any technical skills.
  • Has the additional favorable position of Google’s robust and secure platform and unwavering quality.


  • You are restricted to essential blogging devices, plus cannot include new features as the blog develops in repute.
  • Design choices are restricted, alongside fewer layouts and templates accessible. Outsider templates and formats for Blogger are frequently low quality.
  • Blogger doesn’t get continuous updates or even new components.
  • Google could suspend the blog whenever, or even terminate the service if Blogger altogether. (They consist of history or a background abandoning projects deprived of warning, for example, Feedburner.)

A few clients begin with Blogger since it’s free, however in the end as their blog develops, they wind up changing from Blogger to WordPress to get more highlights and authority over their site.

A few clients begin with Blogger since it’s free; however in the end, as their blog develops, they wind up changing from Blogger to WordPress in order to get more highlights and authority over their site.

Blogger vs. WordPress:

Blogger is extraordinary for casual bloggers and beginners. You could begin for nothing and get a decent comprehension of what blogging is about. Yet, before you go excessively far on your blogging venture, at that point, consider changing to WordPress.

The free plan is likewise incredible for casual blogging and beginners. It will enable you to get the WordPress stage hang plus blogging in general. If you can fell comfort with plugin then best option is wordpress.

In case you have any of the inspirations of utilizing your website for business purposes, at that point, you will have to move onto the top-notch premium plans.

Blogger vs. Wix:


  • The Blogger is actually free as the more significant part of the CMS seems to be, plus you could discover a large number of gadgets for nothing.
  • Blogger proposes many templates and formats which could be personalized. You could likewise indicate an alternate template or format as soon as the blog/site is shown on a cell phone to make sure that the display or show will be responsive.
  • It is simple to change the layout of the page. You just need to drag and drop and relocate the components of the webpage. As soon as you done, save. There’s nothing more to it!
  • You could simply manage and deal with the remarks from the readers.


  • wix makes it simple for clients alongside no coding background and experience to make a visually engaging site.
  • It consists of an assortment of plug-ins and modules comprising, forums, galleries, blogging, chat, PDF viewer, counter, Instagram, and some more.
  • It’s additionally connected and associated with a huge assortment of third-party applications that could be utilized, for example, contact form, chatbot, Event Viewer, and Eventbrite.


Blogger is totally free alongside a Blogger subdomain, for instance, In case that you need to utilize a custom domain, you have to purchase from an outsider domain registrar.

Web 2.0s For Index Backlinks:



Begin your blogging endeavors with Blogger to see if you are ready to stay aware of ordinary postings and pull in a standard group of spectators. In case that you later get serious regarding blogging for benefit and profit.Put resources into your webspace and utilize progressively advanced blogging tools that consist of more customization alternatives as well as tracking information. Up to that point, for the cost, Blogger is a balanced blogging tool plus an amazing spot to begin.

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