Create a website for free with Wix

Table of Contents

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • Steps
    1. Make an account
    2. Answer the inquiries and questions
    3. Select a template
    4. Edit the website
    5. Optimize the site for cell phones
    6. Connect the domain
  • Conclusion


Wix is the globe’s most famous web design stage. It serves more than 110 million individuals in 190 nations;alongside 45,000 new logins each day. Are you hoping to go along with them? Our step by step and well-ordered guide will indicate you exactly how simple it is.

Each business requires a site. They utilized to be a lot harder to make, cost a great deal of cash, and need genuine aptitude. That is not the case anymore. We realize it could even now be threatening; however, you could make a site nowadays in hours. Here is one of the most common questions of everyone:

What kind of website should I make to make money?

Before we lose track of what’s most important, we should return to the task needing to be done: how to create a website for free with Wix. There are huge amounts of various web builders out there, yet Wix is among the one that we suggest. We believe it is the free and best website builder. Wix is a free tool and free to begin.

Even though it is simple to create a website for free with Wix, you could, in any case, cut a portion of the experimentation out by utilizing this well-ordered guide as a source of reference. Lets start to Create a website for free with Wix. It’s mostly used in over all the world. So let’s start.


1. Make an account:

Like nearly whatever else you do on the web, the main thing you have to do is set up the account. It is extremely straightforward and must just take you a couple of moments.

From the Wix landing page, tap on the option“get started” CTA in the display center.

Create a website for free with Wix

In case that you have been doing an examination and end up on another of the Wix web pages, you could at present “get started” deprived of navigating and exploring back to the landing page.

Simply search for the CTA, which may be worded somewhat contrastingly relying upon the content that you are taking a glimpse at. For instance, from the “Explore” web page, you will need to tap “Create Yours Today.”

Simply search for the CTA, which may be worded some what contrastingly relying upon the content that you are taking a glimpse at. For instance, from the “Explore” web page, you will need to tap “Create Yours Today.”

It ought to be truly clear as crystal; however, in case you are battling, you could generally return to the landing page. Not at all like different stages that request about everything except for a blood test to join, has Wix requested only two things

  • Email ID
  • Pass code

It is optional; however, Wix will ask you specifically follow up inquiries and questions to enable you to make exactly what website you are searching for. These questions assist Wix’s ADI developer makes a website you like quicker.

Who are you making a Wix website for?

  • yourself
  • a customer
  • the organization you work for
  • somebody else

What kind of website Wix website would you state you are building?

  • online store
  • business
  • designer
  • music
  • blog
  • events
  • portfolio
  • photography
  • food and restaurants
  • wellness and beauty

What is your expertise level for building sites?

  • Build websites expertly
  • Created numerous sites
  • Create a couple of sites
  • Never done this previously

Here is a case of what this may resemble for you, contingent upon the choices that you have chosen above.

2. Answer the inquiries and questions:

Making a Wix site resembles doing your duties and taxes alongside Turbo Tax — you do not need to be a specialist as well as you do not need to guide the discussion. Essentially get some espresso and answer each question that actually comes to your direction.

The inquiries begin extremely simple, and sincerely, they do not get a lot harder from here. Firstly, the name of the site. In case you do not consist of a name yet, thus, in case you have not done that so far, you could begin once again there. Nowadays everyone online business. So its best opportunity create website and update your Business. Create your website today with Wix.

Or then again, you could create your own website with Wix and return plus update it later. All that you make today will be private till you press publish. You will have

an alternative to upload the logo.

Now, you might think, Goodness crap, and we do not have colors or a logo or any of that — take in. It is absolutely alright. You could begin in any of these spots, along side a site, a brand, or a name. When you get different pieces set up, you could return as well as update the others.

Try not to give the number of various pieces of this procedure a chance to back you off. Simply continue cranking. Keep in mind; it is much the same as doing the taxes: answer the inquiries plus do not freak out. The programming software is here to help.

Next, you will be approached to select a theme that you like. This is not quite the same as a template. It is progressively about selecting the feel and look of thewebsite. Consider the kind of individual who will visit the site. Envision the ideal and optimal client.

What do you need them to think regarding once they get to your website? What words will fly into their mind regarding you? Or then again, if you need to keep it straightforward, which look do you actually like best?

3. Select a template:

Now all the while, Wix will provide you a couple of ready-made alternatives:

Select a template

The pages look extraordinary plus we can joyfully stop here. Look through every one of them as well asselect the one you like finest and best. This does not need to be an ideal match. Despite everything, you will get an opportunity to change each element in the accompanying stages.

In case that you do not utilize the Wix AI device or tool, you will hop into the procedure here at the level of template. In case that you comprehend what you need as of now, this is a decent spot to begin.

Likewise, if you do not care for what the AI builder or manufacturer thought of, you could generally bounce over to selecting your own template. You are not ever locked or

bolted into anything.

There are several standard Wix layouts and templates accessible at no charge. You could look for a template-dependent on classification. For instance, suppose you need to make a Wix business site. Some famous classes comprise:

  • Apps and technology
  • Maintenance and services
  • Real estate
  • Animals and pets
  • Law and finance
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Cars and automotive

The majority of the template alternatives are situated on the left half of the dashboard. Set aside some effort to look through and discover one that fits best for the kind of site you need to create.

Look at the first template on this webpage. It is a “Coming Soon” page. Regardless of whether your site is not manufactured presently, it is essential to least begin off alongside this sort of

point of homepage.

For new businesses, making a site might be the primary thing you do, even before you really register the business name or make an LLC. Wix gets this, which is the reason they provide you this alternative.

On the other hand, you could choose a blank template as well as fabricate your very own starting with no outside help. Whereas this is certainly something you could consider, we suggest going alongside one of the pre-planned and pre-designed layouts. This will basically make life a lot simpler over the long haul, particularly if you have not ever made a Wix site.

In case you are up for a task or trial and need to be more unique, feel free to try the blank template out. Once you hover the cursor over every template or layout, it will let you know whether it is free or in case that you need to pay. When you discover a template that you actually like, simply tap “edit” to proceed. This topic is Create a website for free with Wix.

4. Edit the website:

After you choose a template or layout, you will be brought and carried to the Wix editor. Fundamentally, this is what the site will resemble in case you choose to publish it at once. It is dependent upon you to make the important variations in order to make the site your own.The Wix editor permits total customization dependent on your own inclinations and preferences.

5. Optimize the site for cell phones:

The mobile edition of your site ought not to look equivalent to the PC edition. Some portion of having a decent site implies that it should be effectively available from tablets and cell phones.

In case you do not have a decent mobile website, you can lose the greater part of your clients: over 52 percent of all Web traffic originates from cell phones.


Wix makes it simple to optimize the website design for cell phone clients. Simply tap on the mobile symbol at the top of the display to switch amid mobile editing and desktop view.

Wix works superbly of varying the content for you;thus, it is automatically optimized and improved. Though, you might need to manually make certain changes and improvements all alone. The variations you have would not affect the PC version of the site.

Before thewebsite goes live, ensure you experience the mobile edition of each page to guarantee that is it is appropriately optimized and enhanced exactly as you would prefer.

6. Connect the domain:

Before you could publish the site as well as have it go live, you will have to connect and interface the domain name. The simplest method to do this is right from the dashboard. Simply tap“Connect Domain” to continue.

As a matter of course, your site domain will be:

You will have the alternative to vary the “my site” segment of that domain for nothing or free of cost. However, that is unquestionably not how you need your website domain to look.

When was actually the last time you went to a credible and legitimate web page that had the majority of that additional stuff, incorporating the web builder or designer in the domain name?

It is not a decent look for the business.

Wix provides you the alternative to purchase a domain name straightforwardly from their platform or associate and connect a domain name that you effectively claim.

Wix gives you a chance to make your own website for free; however, you will, in the long run, need to upgrade and move up to a top-notch premium account. This is why and when you need to do that. Deprived of paying for a top-notch and premium account, you will be screwed over thanks to the “wix site” in the domain name.


It is that simple and basic. You have learned and figured out by what means to make a Wix site.

There are very little to it — only six simple and easy stages.

When you experience everything outlined directly above, you should simply publish the site, as well as it will be live on the Web for anyone’s viewing pleasure.

That is it.

When you complete all of the stages, you could publish your web page and begin creating driving traffic, leads, as well as selling items on the web. Your chances are unending.

If you have any question or suggestion about this topic “Create a website for free with Wix”. Comment below.


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