What are Python Features and comparison with PHP

Table of Contents

Table of Content:

  • What is Python?
  • For what reason to Learn Python?
  • Features of Python
  • Benefits of Python
  • Drawbacks of Python
  • Python Basics
  • Python vs. PHP
  • Python Hello World Script
  • Python frequently utilizes by developers as well as programmers to:
  • Audience
  • Conclusion

What is Python?

Guido van Rossum, individual who made the python programming language in the year 1989, was playfully styled as its “generous dictator forever,” and guided it to worldwide universality – has ventured down, and would not select a successor. Are you crazy to learn about “What are Python, Features, and Benefits, features, Comparison with PHP” then read the full article?

In technical plus specialized terms, Python programming applications is basically an object-oriented plus high-level language for programming alongside incorporated dynamic semantics essentially for application plus web development and improvement. It is incredibly appealing in the Rapid Application Development field since it proposes dynamic binding and dynamic typing choices.

What are Python Features, benefits, drawbacks, importance and comparison with PHP

What are Python Features and comparison with PHP

Python is generally basic, so it is simple to learn; meanwhile, it needs a unique and exclusive syntax that spotlights on readability. Web designers could translate and read Python code a lot simpler than different languages. Thus, this diminishes the expense of program development and maintenance since it enables groups to work cooperatively deprived of experience barriers plus language.

Reason to Learn Python programming language?

Python is basically a translator, high-level object-oriented, plus interactive scripting programming language. Python is intended to be profoundly readable. It utilizes English key phrases much of the time, whereas different languages utilize languages, plus it consists of less syntactical and grammatical developments than different languages.  

It is necessary for working experts and students to turn into an incredible Software Programming Engineer extraordinarily once they are working in Web Improvement and Development Domain. Here some important features of python programming language.

. Python is Translated, and Interpreted:

The translator handles Python and processed at runtime. You do not have to compile the program before executing it. This is just like PHP plus PERL.

. Python is actually Interactive:

Language Python supports Object-Oriented technique or style of programming that embodies code inside objects.

. Python is a Language for beginners:

Python is an incredible language for software engineers and programmers of beginner and supports the advancement of a wide scope of apps from basic content processing to WWW programs browsers to games.

Features of Python:

Python gives loads of highlights that record beneath.

1) Simple to Utilize plus Learn:

Python is simple to utilize plus learn. It is high-level language and developer-friendly.

2) Expressive Language:

Python is progressively expressive implies that it is increasingly readable plus understandable.

3) Interpreted Language:

Python is a deciphered and interpreted language; for example, the translator executes the code line by line at once. This actually makes debugging simple and therefore, appropriate for beginners

4) Cross-platform Language:

Python could run similarly on various platforms, for instance, Mac, Windows, Linux and UNIX, and so on. Thus, we could state that Python is a convenient and portable language.

5) Open and Free Source:

Programming language Python is freely accessible at the official website address. The source-code is likewise accessible. For that reason, it is open source.

Benefits of Python:

There are numerous benefits of learning Python language, particularly as the first language, which we will talk about.

It is a programming language that is amazingly simple to learn, as well as it tends to be utilized as per a venturing stone into different programming frameworks and languages. In case you are an outright amateur plus this is your first time functioning and working with a coding language, which is something you certainly need.

Python broadly utilizes, comprising of various enormous organizations, for instance, Pinterest, Google, Yahoo, Disney, Instagram!, IBM, Nokia, and numerous others. Also, since a ton of huge organizations depends on the language, you could take in substantial income as a Python developer.

Different advantages comprise:

1) Python could be utilized to create models, and rapidly in light of the fact that it is so simple to work with as well as read.

2) Big data platforms, data mining, and most of the automation depend on Python. This is on the grounds that it is the perfect language to operate and work alongside for broadly useful tasks.

3) Python considers a more profitable and productive coding condition as compared to huge languages, for instance, Java and C#. Experienced and skilled coders will, in general, remain increasingly composed, productive, and beneficial as soon as working with Python, also.

4) Python basically powers Django, an open-source, and a complete web app Python framework. Frameworks – for instance, Ruby on Rails – can utilize to simplify the advancement procedure

Drawbacks of Python:

a.Limitations of speed:

We have actually seen that code of the Python is executed line by line. In any case, since Python is translated, it regularly brings about slow and moderate execution. This, despite that, is certainly not an issue except if speed is a point of convergence for the project or task. At the end of the day, except if fast speed is a prerequisite, the advantages proposed by Python are sufficient to divert us from its limitations of speed.

b.Weak in browsers and mobile computing

Whereas it serves in as a superb server-side programming language, Python is much seldom observed on the customer side. Other than that, it is once in a while ever utilized to execute cell phone-based apps. One such application is known as Carbonnelle. The reason it isn’t so renowned notwithstanding the presence of Brython is that it is not that secure and safe.

c.Restrictions of design:

As you probably are aware, Python is powerfully and dynamically composed. This implies you do not have to pronounce the kind of factor whereas writing and composing the code. It utilizes duck-composing. Yet, pause, what is that? All in all, it just implies that in case it would appear that a duck, it should be a duck. Whereas this is simple on the software engineers during coding, it could raise run-time mistakes.

Python Basics:

Following are significant basics of Python Programming Language−

  • It supports structured and functional programming strategies just as OOP.
  • Python can utilize as a scripting programming language or can aggregate to byte-code for structure huge applications.
  • It gives high state dynamic data and information types as well as supports dynamic sort checking.
  • Python actually supports automatic and programmed trash accumulation.
  • It can effectively coordinate alongside C++, C, ActiveX, COM, Java, and CORBA.

Python vs. PHP:

comparison of php and python

Python Hello World Program Script:

Making a simple and straightforward program that shows some content is regularly the principal thing any software engineer does subsequent to setting up their condition just for the very first time. This simply takes a couple of moments, as well as it could affirm to the software engineer that the environment is working and set up. “Hello, world” is by all accounts, the most well-known thing to state when composing these programs.

What are Python Features, benefits, drawbacks, importance and comparison with PHP

Anyway, you could make a straightforward “hello world” program by utilizing the function of Python’s print ( ) to output the content “Hello World” to the display.

Python is frequently utilized by developers as well as programmers to:

  • Program computer video games.
  • Manufacture Artificial Intelligence calculations and algorithms.
  • Program different scientific projects, for example, statistical models.


This Python tutorial is intended for programming software engineers who require learning Python from the beginning. This Python tutorial acquaints the peruse casually with the essential ideas and highlights of the Python language and framework.


Python programming language is a marvelous language. The syntax is straightforward as well as code length is very short, which makes it simple to write and understand.

In case you are beginning in programming, Python is a magnificent decision. You will be surprised how much you could do in Python as soon as you know the basics. Python is a more powerful language than PHP because its easy to write and understand.

It is not totally obvious the way that Python is an incredible language. In addition to the fact that it is useful for getting the hang of writing computer programs, it is additionally a decent language to have in the arsenal. Change your thought into a model or make games or begin alongside data Science, Python could assist you in everything to begin.

In this topic, you have learned “What are Python Features, benefits, drawbacks, importance and comparison with PHP”. Wait for the next article to learn more.


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