Top 3 PHP frameworks You must Learn Now

Table of Contents

Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • PHP
  • Laravel PHP Framework
    • Reasons to utilize the Laravel framework
  • Codeigniter PHP Framework
    • Reasons to utilize CodeIgniter
  • Symfony PHP Framework
    •       Reasons to utilize Symfony
  • Conclusion


Alongside the advancements and fame in web technology and innovation, it is basic for each business to have a site and one which is visually attractive and highly functional. Web development is a procedure, which helps us to create decent, attractive and SEO friendly websites, mobile applications and different platforms. One of the best integral parts of web development is web programming. That accomplished alongside the assistance of programming languages. 

Best php Framework For Beginners:

A profession in website development is exciting, lucrative, and ever-changing and consistently evolving. It needs a specific set of well-sharpened abilities and knowledge of languages that you will have to continue updating, after quite a long time after year. Consequently, you will get the opportunity to construct truly great web stuff each day, and you will get large pay cheques toward the finish of each month. Not awful, isn’t that so?


Top 3 PHP frameworks You must Learn Now

A strong alternative for web developers and engineers is PHP. This scripting server-side language powers 83% of sites as well as consist of a first back-end device for technology giants, for example, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Facebook. PHP programming is additionally great gratitude to the job it plays in the WordPress CMS content management system, which actually makes web development open to the majority. Php is most frequently use language in backend development. So if you have any type of interest in backend then you must learn php. Here we are providing best php framework you must have to learn.

Learn php From Beginner to Advanced:

Php is most easiest for any framework. If you want to learn any framework you must learn php first. You will have to see each side so as to carry out your responsibility appropriately. So following are the Top 3 PHP frameworks for website development, both server-side and customer.

Top 3 PHP frameworks You must Learn Now

Laravel PHP Framework:

In our PHP framework list of Top 3 PHP frameworks, Laravel is at number 1. Laravel is a far-reaching framework intended for quickly building apps utilizing the MVC architecture. This Laravel framework is as of now the most well-known PHP framework, alongside a vast network of developers. Laravel best PHP framework.

Learn Laravel Step By Step:

It highlights huge amounts of specific laravel bundles, unit testing, the lightweight Blade templating engine, RESTful controllers, a packaging system, ORM, plus now Laravel framework is the primary framework to present routing in an abstract manner. It actually takes out the issue of code organization.

Top 3 PHP frameworks You must Learn Now

Queue management is likewise a component that handles the background tasks. And after that logs the action and activity for all of you. Whereas tasks are regularly kept running in the frontend. Bundles can effectively include the robust and strong Composer that built into Laravel. It basically incorporates alongside Elixir as well as Gulp so any of the npm bundles plus bower bundles could be known as straightforwardly through ssh.

Probably Laravel framework handles the best thing well are noSQL structures, for example, Redis or MongoDB. It is simple to begin alongside Laravel on account of its broad popularity, documentation, as well as Laravel Udemy: great tutorials and videos intended to get PHP programming developers new to amazing Laravel up plus running and ready for action.

Laravel as of late turned out along Nova, an excellent administration panel design for beneficial and creative PHP programming developer that need to think of new manifestations and still remain profitable and productive.

Reasons to utilize the Laravel framework:

  • Laravel is appropriate once creating applications along with complex backend necessities, regardless of whether large or small. Installing and introducing Laravel framework has been basically made simpler by the Homestead introduction, a prepackaged, across the board vagrant box.

  • It is a PHP programming framework brimming with highlights that will enable you to customize and personalize complex applications. And among these: consistent migration of data, MVC PHP architecture support, view template engine, routing, security, and authentication, among numerous others.
  • Laravel is extremely expressive, as well as its security and speed are in accordance with expectations and desires for a modern and cutting edge web app. For PHP developer who needs to construct enterprise or B2B sites that will advance alongside varying web trends and patterns, Laravel framework is the best approach.

Codeigniter PHP Framework:

In our PHP framework list of Top 3 PHP frameworks, Codeigniter is on 2nd number. Codeigniter is a perfect PHP Framework for quick app development and improvement. It is a low-hassle, lightweight, framework alongside a little impression that could be installed and introduced simply by uploading it straightforwardly to the PHP hosting. No unique software installation or command line is needed. The files need to upload, and you are ready to go.

Codeigniter best PHP framework for beginners:

Building full-fledged web apps is a beautiful breeze along its little expectation to absorb information, and various libraries. Talking about the east of development and improvement, the documentation of Codeigniter is extensive, as well as its community is extremely helpful and vast. Codeigniter is backed and supported by an academic and scholarly entity also: The British Columbia Technology Institute, which will assist guarantee that it is preceded with growth and development.

Top 3 PHP frameworks You must Learn Now

According to the features, Codeigniter accompanies many built-in libraries for form validation, unit testing, sessions, email, and significantly more! In case you cannot discover a library that you are searching for, it is additionally truly simple to build and assemble your own and afterward, share it along with the community and network.

Reasons to utilize CodeIgniter:

  • CodeIgniter is a straightforward and lightweight PHP framework that is actually hassle-free to introduce and install, in contrast to different PHP programming framework. Because of a simple and basic setup procedure and profoundly representable documentation. it is ideal and optimal for novices.
  • Key features and highlights incorporate an MVC framework, inbuilt security devices, top-notch error handling, and basic and fantastic documentation. Likewise, it makes scalable applications.
  • Compared alongside different PHP framework list, CodeIgniter is significantly quicker. Since it additionally proposes strong execution, it is a decent decision as soon as you need to create lightweight apps to keep running on modest and unobtrusive servers. One caution: Releases of CodeIgniter are somewhat irregular; thus, the framework is not an excellent choice for an app that needs high-level and top security.

Symfony PHP Framework:

In our PHP framework list of Top 3 PHP frameworks, Symfony is on the 3rd number. Symfony has actually been touted for some time now as entirely steady, well documented, high performance, and modular and scheduled project. Symfony is upheld and backed by the French SensioLabs, as well as has been created by them plus its community to be an incredible framework.

Top 3 PHP frameworks You must Learn Now

In our PHP framework list of Top 3 PHP frameworks, Symfony is on the 3rd number. Symfony has actually been touted for some time now as entirely steady, well documented, high performance, and modular and scheduled project. Symfony is upheld and backed by the French SensioLabs, as well as has been created by them plus its community to be an incredible framework.

Numerous huge name organizations utilize Symfony, for instance, the BBC plus open source project, for example, eZpublish and Drupal. Symfony composed and written in view of stability and security in an expert manner. Its documentation is broad and extensive, plus its community is similarly as huge.

Reasons to utilize Symfony:

  • Symfony is the ideal decision for growing huge scale enterprise ventures. It is simple to install and introduce plus configure on most of the platforms.
  • One of the best key features or highlights? Its reusable PHP segments. It additionally flaunts database engine–independence, plus it’s steady, consents to most web top practices as well as design patterns. And takes into consideration the integration alongside different vendor libraries.
  • Symfony is likewise profoundly flexible and adaptable and could incorporate alongside greater projects, for instance, Drupal. Laravel and Symfony have numerous unique and common highlights. Which actually makes it hard to state which one of these frameworks is superior and better.

On the other hand, whereas Laravel concentrates more on delivering value and simplicity, notwithstanding for PHP developer. Symfony basically targets experienced developers and is somewhat harder, to begin with. What’s more, the security mechanism of Symfony is somewhat hard to utilize. Also, for the reason that it gives the developers and designers “a chance to do it everything,”. It tends to be slower than different frameworks.



Utilizing the PHP frameworks streamlines the development and improvement procedure, which limits and reduce the remaining burden. Every framework has its very own weaknesses and strengths. And they all shift as far as documentation, community, as well as the database they support.

All in all, the decision on the top framework to utilize relies upon different factors. For example, ease of use, security, documentation, scalability, and significantly more. Thus, begin by understanding the prerequisites of the application or project you need to create. At that point, pick the most suitable and reasonable PHP framework from this PHP framework list. You cannot turn out badly.


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