Create an E-commerce Website within 60 minutes

Table of Contents

Table of Content:

  • Why utilize WordPress to make a free Internet business eCommerce site?
  • WordPress Ecommerce plugins and themes
  • A speedy and simple approach to creating an eCommerce website using WordPress
  • Installing and Introducing Astra WordPress Web-based business Theme
  • Installing and Introducing Astra Starter Website Module
  • Import in a Free eCommerce site from the Astra Starter Websites
  • Utilizing WooCommerce free Web-based business eCommerce site builder
  • Utilizing the Elementor Module
  • Website design for the online business Ecommerce store
  • Do you need more for the Web-based eCommerce business site?
  • Conclusion


E-commerce or online shopping website or online store is a virtual shop to buy things. By using the website and internet we make stores and sell our products. Amazon and Ali Baba are the best examples of online shopping markets. E-commerce is best way to selling and purchasing product online. So start your online business today.

Need to realize how to make eCommerce website WordPress theme free? You could make create an e-commerce website in WordPress in just 5 minutes. Simply pursue the means in this article.

How to Create a eCommerce website in WordPress Free:

WordPress is the top stage to make the eCommerce website a WordPress theme. In this blog, we will perceive how to fabricate a WordPress eCommerce website for free starting with no outside help utilizing WordPress deprived of spending any cash and with no coding; the fastest and most effortless way that is available. If you want to become a front-end developer then you must have to follow these 11 steps.

If you want to learn “Create an E-commerce Website within 60 minutes ” Read this full article.

Why utilize WordPress to make a free business eCommerce website?

create an online store

To assemble a free eCommerce site, you require a free eCommerce web designer as well as alongside WordPress stage, and you acquire a free eCommerce web designer known as WooCommerce. It is extremely simple to make a WordPress eCommerce store or WordPress shopping website utilizing the WooCommerce and WordPress website.

Prior to building the site, you have to

  1. Acquire hosting and domain
  2. Install WordPress for the eCommerce site

We suggest A2Hosting for its speed, performance, speed, price, support, and security. We utilize it for every one of our sites.

WordPress Ecommerce plugins and themes to create an E-commerce website:

In the WordPress stage, we, for the most part, utilize 2 sorts of programming software called plugins and themes.

plugins used to create online shopping website

WordPress Topic – It manages how your web store looks. You can have just a single dynamic subject for one web store. There are many free internet business topics accessible, so pick a topic you like for your free web-based business site.

WordPress Theme – It manages how the web store appears and looks. You could have just a single active theme for 1 web store. There are numerous best themes for eCommerce website accessible, so select the best theme for eCommerce website WordPress you like for the eCommerce site.

WordPress Plugins or Modules – Plugins or Modules add features or to function the web store. You might require including some modules, for instance, Wishlist plugin, checkout plugin, etc., to include more functionality and usefulness except what WordPress WooCommerce website builder provides you. In any case, WooCommerce is all that anyone could need for the present.

A speedy and simple approach to creating an e-commerce website using WordPress:

The speediest and least demanding route is to make a free of the cost eCommerce site is by utilizing the accompanying WordPress devices – Astra free of cost WordPress plugins and theme, for example, WooCommerce (free eCommerce site designer), Astra, and Elementor Starter Sites modules. We will perceive how to make a free web-based business site utilizing these tools.

As I have referenced as of now, there are numerous free plugins and best WordPress theme for online store. Yet, utilizing them sets aside some effort to learn. As a learner, you do not have to invest that much time and energy to dispatch your first web-based business store.

Installing and Introducing Astra WordPress Web-based business Theme:

The principal thing you have to do is introduce and install the ideal theme since it influences the general appearance of your site. To install and introduce the Astra free theme,

search for astra theme to create ecommerce website
  • You need to the WordPress website dashboard, which is actually the back-end of the website.
  • On the WordPress dashboard, there is a menu named as “Appearance,” and beneath this menu, there is an option named as “Themes.” You need to tap on the “Themes” choice.
  • It will basically a webpage alongside a default installed theme. You need to transform it. Tap on the button named as “Add New,” which is actually found on the top.
  • You will then go to a webpage alongside certain famous themes. Utilize the search bar on this webpage as well as search for the theme named “Astra.”
  • You could discover the Astra theme through Brainstorm force as appeared in the image.
  • Tap “Install” choice on the theme as well as the theme will basically be installed on the site.
  • Then tap “Activate,” plus Astra subject will turn into the theme for the online business site.

Installing and Introducing Astra Starter Website Module:

astra starter plugin to use to create online shopping site

Presently you have effectively installed and introduced a theme for the online business website. It is an excellent opportunity to install the modules. The most significant module we need currently is Astra Starter Websites Module.

This module provides us a rundown of free web-based business site templates which could be promptly imported with the goal that we do not need to make an online business site without any preparation. To install this module,

  • Go to the Dashboard menu of the website and see the option named as Plugin.
  • Beneath the “Plugins” menu, you could discover the “Add New” choice. Tap it, as well as you will basically go to the web page demonstrating all well-known free eCommerce store theme and plugin.
  • On this page, there is a search bar you need to utilize that to look for “Astra Starter Websites.” It will appear as shown in the image.
  • Tap on the plugin named as “Install Now” plus install and introduce this plugin on the website.
  • After installing tap “Activate” plus this will activate the plugin on the site.

Import in a Free eCommerce site from the Astra Starter Websites:

Since we have actually activated the plugin named Astra Starter Websites, you could import a site of your decision. To do as such,

select your online website layout
  • Tap the “Astra Websites” choice in the menu’s option “Appearance” on the dashboard of the site.
  • On the webpage of the Astra locales, pick “Elementor” as you most loved page builder.
  • You could discover numerous template sites on this webpage, plus you could see some of them are tagged “Agency” which implies they are premium plus you need to pay if you want to use them.
  • However, there are other site templates and layouts which are free, as well as we could utilize them.
  • On top, close to the search bar, you could see some of the menu alternatives, tap “eCommerce” choice, and it will just show “eCommerce” site templates and formats.
  • Select a website which is not tagged as “Agency” plus tap on it in order to see the option “Details and Preview.”
  • You could see that it needs modules, for example, “Woocommerce” and “Elementor” before you could import the website.
  • For both of the plugins you need to tap “Install Now” plus they will basically be installed as well as the activate the modules or plugins.
  • After Woocommerce and Elementor are activated, you could discover a button named as “Import This Site.” Tap that button, and this webpage will be imported to the site.
install and edit your online store

Create an E-commerce Website within 60 minutes

Hurrah! You have made a free internet business eCommerce site which is entirely functional in just a couple of minutes! Presently you simply need to alter and modify the settings, plus add the items to your site as well as your online eCommerce WordPress shopping website is prepared and ready for business.

Utilizing WooCommerce free Web-based business eCommerce site builder:

You could install and introduce WooCommerce from the Dashboard of WordPress (back-end).

WooCommerce is a web-based business eCommerce plugin which provides the core internet business eCommerce capacities for your store. Subsequent to bringing in the Starter site, you need to go the WooCommerce settings plus provide your customized settings for the store just like the Payment options, Email, Shipping, Taxes, and Accounts, and so forth.,

install and setup woocomerce plugin

On the dashboard, you will discover a “Product” menu. Here you could Include and Alter your Description, Images, Items, and so forth.

It requires some investment to adapt yet when you have learned it and become knowledgeable, WooCommerce turns out to be extremely simple to utilize, and you could manage a great many items and a huge number of clients alongside WooCommerce and WooCommerce sites.

Utilizing the Elementor Module:

Elementor is the top webpage builder module, and alongside WooCommerce module, it is without a doubt the best Web-based business web designer. Elementor encourages you to alter the majority of the webpages of the site comprising your item pages, all from the (WYSIWYG) Visual editor.

create your online store using elementor page builder

Create an E-commerce Website within 60 minutes

You could design and plan your webpages in any capacity you need them to look utilizing Elementor. It likewise has 24 gadgets like Video embedding, Image carousel, Buttons, Icons thus significantly more, which could be utilized to construct an appealing and operational site.

So set aside an effort to investigate Elementor webpage builder. The Woo gadgets are just in the Elementor Pro.

Website design for the online business Ecommerce store:

There is actually a myth that creating an online business eCommerce store alongside exquisite design is the thing that drives individuals to purchase from a web-based eCommerce business store. It is a smashed myth, i.e., individuals do not purchase from a store since it is structured and designed perfectly.

You do not have to go through months structuring an ideal site your logo or your hues and textual styles. The significant thing is to make a store which is operational as well as placed it in the test stage and dispatch ASAP. Concentrate on securing the clients, and meanwhile, you could try different things alongside the design.

Do you need more for the Web-based eCommerce business site?

This article provides you the fundamentals of making an online business site, also that all these are free devices. Yet, when you have tried the site, you may require more highlights for your web-based business store, plus you would require searching for other premium choices.

If you want your online store and don’t want to create yourself. I will refer to you is the best web designing and development company in Lahore, Pakistan. Always give first priority to customers. They can design an E-commerce store and manage too. No need to take headache just track the activities and earn a lot.

You may feel all the advancement that you prepare is a waste. Try not to stress; your work won’t go to squander on the grounds that you could broaden the highlights of your site alongside some exceptional premium choices from similar apparatuses.

Online eCommerce business site development and improvement are presently not just for developers; it’s for anybody truly. WordPress web-based eCommerce business sites today are made by regular people like you and me.

Create an E-commerce Website within 60 minutes


WordPress stage for web-based eCommerce business opens you to great conceivable outcomes. It requires some time to becoming used to. When you begin to see how this platform functions, you could utilize it. You could make an online eCommerce business store which actually gets you the greatest returns for your cash and time. Thus, continue working alongside WordPress, eCommerce website theme free download and continue getting a charge out of the considerable number of advantages!

By using these steps you can “Create an E-commerce Website within 60 minutes “.

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