Updated information about CodeIgniter

Table of Contents

Table of Content:

  • What is CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter 4
  • Why MVC?
  • CodeIgniter – necessities, and installation
  • How CodeIgniter Functions?
  • Advantages of PHP CodeIgniter Framework:
  • Conclusion
  • Which is ideal and perfect, CodeIgniter, or Laravel?
  • Where would I be able to find the most exceptional CodeIgniter tutorials for PHP?
  • Which is better; CodeIgniter or 3Cake 3.0?

What is CodeIgniter:

You are looking for updated information about CodeIgniter. In the present website development space, modularity and efficiency are extremely popular. Gone are those days once you would need to re-compose a similar code for numerous applications or attempt on your conclusion to build your app in a dynamic way. Present-day web systems do the majority of this for you.

CodeIgniter is among such structures accessible to PHP designers. Seemingly the most prominent amid its friends, CodeIgniter incredibly quickens PHP-based website development by the goodness of its huge range of packages and libraries. Codeigniter is most easiest framework of php. It’s really helpful for beginners if they want to learn any framework. These libraries are intended for such zones of web apps where code reusability is normal, along these lines removing some work from designers’ plates. Its easy to use and understand for beginners . So always focus on Codeigniter if you are beginners.

introduction of codeigniter

In view of the (MCV) Model-View-Controller architecture, PHP CodeIgniter additionally includes layering of rationale to your website apps. This contributes towards a cleaner app configuration and design as well as is valuable in parallelizing certain procedures in the advancement and development cycle. Therefore, your items are very responsive to conceivable business variations as well as make it to marketplace speedier. Here you will found all updated information about CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter 4:

In the official PHP CodeIgniter forum, it was at that point reported on 26 June 2016, that the primary achievement of CodeIgniter 4 has now been accomplished. As of now, the repository was additionally moved on CodeIgniter GitHub: https://github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter4.

GitHub is a basically a distributed edition control framework.

The most outstanding and obvious change to the past editions is the reality that there is presently an open directory or catalog.

Codwigniter 4

Like in different structures this has a basic plus security-related background: the partition of framework/application plus open resources (just as like images, CSS or Javascript).

Because of the reality, that the framework or structure will be uncovered not all that unreservedly, it is significantly harder for potential attackers to discover deliberately or vulnerabilities abuses.

The main necessary adjustment on the server-side is a little variation in the vhost setup and configuration (if possible or available). The document and record root will never again be put in the root directory or catalog of CodeIgniter, yet now in the open public folder.

Why MVC?

First of all, MVC represents Model, View, and Controller. It is a basic programing pattern utilized in creating web applications. This pattern segregates the backend and UI (for example, database interaction from one another.

MVC framework in Codiengnator

Effective usage of this gives designers a chance to adjust their backend or UI without influencing the other. MVC additionally expands the adaptably of an application by having the option to reuse models or perspectives over once more). The following is an explanation of MVC.

  • Model: This model deals alongside the raw information and database interaction as well as will comprise functions, for instance, including records to a database or choosing explicit database records. In CodeIgniter framework, the model segment isn’t needed and could be incorporated into the controller.
  • View: The view manages showing the information plus interface controls to the client with. In CodeIgniter framework, the view can be a website page, ajax data, RSS feed, or some other “page.”
  • Controller: The controller goes about as the in the middle of the model and view plus, as the name proposes, it controls what is actually sent to the view from the MVC model. In CodeIgniter, the controller is likewise the spot to load helpers and libraries.

CodeIgniter – necessities, and installation:

CodeIgniter consist of very small impression – it is just around two MB, comprising the documentation which you could erase later. Additionally, it works alongside all web hosting accounts and servers that give PHP edition 4.3.2 or more current.

CodeIgniter needs a database for most website apps. Current upheld ones are (4.1+) MySQL, MS SQL, MySQLi, Prophet, Postgres, ODBC, and SQLite.

To install CodeIgniter PHP frameworks, you have to download as well as unzip the bundle and after that upload its files and folders to the server. Typically, the file named index.php will be in the folder named as webroot.

CodeIgniter - necessities, and installation

When uploaded, you have to open the file named app/config/config.php alongside a text or content editor as well as set the base Uniform Resource Locator. In case you expect to utilize sessions or encryption,

you need to set the encryption key as well.

So as to set up a database for the CodeIgniter CMS PHP system you have to open the file named as app/config/database.php alongside a text or content editor and set the database utilizing the settings gave your account of web hosting.

You could rename the folder of the system to something progressively private in order to expand security by concealing the location of the CodeIgniter files. After you actually rename it, you have to open the principle file named index.php plus set the $system_folder variable at the highest point of the webpage alongside the new term or name you have picked.

How CodeIgniter Functions?

CodeIgniter is basically an MVC structure. MVC represents Model View Controller. At the point as soon as a client demands a resource, the controller reacts first. The controller comprehends the client request at that point request the essential information if vital.

For instance, in case that you need to recover a client alongside the id= 3, and the controller will get the request, at that point request the model to recover or retrieve the record alongside the id of 3. The model actually returns back the record to the controller.

Updated information about CodeIgniter.

How CodeIgniter Functions

And the controller then advances the outcome to the view which layouts and formats it into an understandable and readable configuration. At that point, the outcomes come back to the client in the program browser. This topic is Updated information about CodeIgniter.

Advantages of PHP CodeIgniter Framework:

Advantages of codeigniter php framework
  • CodeIgniter is basically an open-source framework, so it is exceptionally simple to design and structure. Exposing, getting, and learning is hard. This permits your very own particular endeavors successfully on the Codeigniter site customization.
  • The code in PHP is astoundingly essential and simple to utilize. It is a great framework to utilize how to take increasingly regarding PHP capacities. This enables you to run the concealed code in your webpages easily.
  • Simple and direct utility organizer depends on the structure. This is a component of the immediate and direct plan. This makes it simple, makes server simple on the server.
  • It furnishes programming software as well as simple management alongside an MVC based framework. Active enrollment strategy is memorable and exceptional.
  • The design gives a fundamental game plan to personalize and modify the posts. It advances straightforward jobs alongside different designers. It consists of a decent concentration in libraries.
  • The best documentation of the customer directory makes the entire structure simpler. It coordinates its present scripts and contents as well as helps fabricate the center libraries.
  • Activities of the CodeIgniter framework are open and clear. It legitimizes the happenings and is simple to utilize in these ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is ideal and perfect, CodeIgniter, or Laravel?

Laravel is a generally new PHP stage, presented in the year 2011 plus dependent on Symfony 2. The organizer assembled it to address a few worries with the mainstream CodeIgniter stage – to be specific, absence of implicit help for client authorization/authentication.

From that point forward, Laravel has rapidly turned out to be one of the most prevalent PHP structures for web designers. Simple to-utilize, scalable, and flexible, Laravel bills itself actually as “Web Artisans of PHP framework” – and we are slanted to concur, given its flexible and powerful list of capabilities.

Whereas CodeIgniter boasts an assortment of advantages for web developers, it is finest for small projects. In spite of the fact that CodeIgniter could scale up to big business level requirements, the absence of built-in instruments could make it somewhat hard to utilize for bigger ventures.

Where would I be capable of finding the finest CodeIgniter tutorials for PHP?

CodeIgniter PHP frameworks are among the well-known and broadly utilized everywhere throughout the globe for website apps development and improvement. A great deal and great sites to learn PHP programming and CodeIgniter framework as a novice to an experienced software engineer.

Following Sites have every one of the intermediate and basics ideas regarding the CodeIgniter, for example,

  • CodeIgniter Web Framework – Cost: Free
  • SitePoint – Cost: Free
  • Hacking with PHP – Cost: Free
  • Code Academy – Cost: Free
  • Udemy – Cost: Paid
  • W3School – Cost: Free
  • StackOverflow – Cost: Free
  • Lynda – Cost: Paid

Which is better; CodeIgniter or 3Cake 3.0?

Individuals have worked alongside the majority of this system. Despite that, the primary concern is here is execution, so regardless of what you picked yet to make it load quicker.

Cakephp: yes its generally excellent structure, in case that you need to convey any little to essential level project or app then its (cake bake) console is an excellent instrument to create code and spare relationship, however in case that you are playing alongside huge database, at that point ORM could cause some exhibition matter, yet any way is bets CakePHP ORM any of others.

CodeIgniter: this structure is utilized by numerous little task, or huge Enterprise accept this system as center and alter their own particular manner and assemble excessively cool things, its Zero configuration framework and for enormous scale Application you have to coordinate such a large number of things as well as you could manufacture cool things, as there is a library for ORM, REST for CI plus there is no performance issue in case that you handle the database call cautiously ,you could incorporate Doctrine too for huge application. This topic is Updated information about CodeIgniter.

Comparison Table:

  Cakephp CodeIgniter
Programming language PHP PHP
Tempalate Language PHP PHP Proprietary
Supported VCS Git Subversion Git Subversion Github
License MIT License MIT License


There you actually have it, guys. In this particular CodeIgniter article, we basically saw what it is, the way to configure and install it, just as fabricate an exceptionally straightforward app utilizing the system. We additionally took a glimpse at MVC, its necessities, installation, and functions, plus how it functions and advantages.

This topic was updated information about CodeIgniter. Whereas our sample app was incredibly basic, alongside just one model, controller and view each, and a particular database inquiry, we trust that it served its objective of giving the client a chance to get comfortable alongside the core of CodeIgniter’s usefulness and functionality.

Perusers would now be able to fabricate exceedingly feature-laden, scalable and dynamic applications utilizing CodeIgniter, quicker than previously, by utilizing the structure’s libraries plus partners on offer. We trust all of you saw exactly how straightforward yet powerful and amazing CodeIgniter is, plus wish you the finest on your website development and improvement venture alongside PHP’s darling system.

We trust all of you saw exactly how straightforward yet powerful and amazing CodeIgniter is, plus wish you the finest on your website development and improvement venture alongside PHP’s darling system.


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