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Are you a digital marketing agency or a web developer? Then, this article is for you.

Today, every company and individual is trying to gain knowledge of establishing an online presence with MilesWeb Reseller Hosting. Because of the growing use of the internet and its users, building an online presence has become essential.

Thus, tech companies– whether it’s a web development firm or a digital marketing agency are busy developing their online channels. You may also have the experience of working with many clients every day. Yet delivering every service needs a lot of hard work because you need to meet the customers’ requests as soon as they place an order.

As a web developer, you are the customer’s first contact. At any point in time, if something goes wrong with their website, they are going to contact you first.

To keep a long term relationship with your clients, you need to offer them some additional services which they don’t have to look for with other providers for different offerings. For this, you can even sell web hosting to your clients.

That’s how you can maintain relationships with your clients, right from building the website to hosting it.

No, I am not asking you to set up a data center, infrastructure, and invest in a support team. For this, you need to become a web hosting company’s reseller partner that lets you sell their web hosting services with all the apps they need to go online. Believe me, it’s going to make you gain a decent deal of income and help you develop a client base because they’d have all under one roof.

It would be difficult for you to pick one from the web hosting industry and so I wanted to provide you with a summary of one of the best web hosting services.

MilesWeb: An Introduction:

MilesWeb was founded in India in 2012 and is now one of India’s largest web hosting providers. It was launched with the goal of providing web hosting to every small business and an individual within their budget. With them, you’ll find a way to build an online forum for any business. MilesWeb provide options for web hosting, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress, Magento hosting, cloud hosting, and more.

They have an experienced team for technical support, available to assist you via online chat and email 24/7. They guarantee that with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers, you get the highest uptime with up to 99.95%. Additionally, if you are not happy with their operation, you will get your money back by asking for a refund within 30 days of the order.

MilesWeb provides two different variants for their reseller hosting plans: Linux reseller hosting and Windows reseller hosting.

Reseller Hosting Plans Features:

100% White Labelled:

You’ll be able to display your own brand name and branding while reselling their web hosting services. MilesWeb won’t reveal its logo anywhere to your customers. This is possible with their white-labeled hosting feature.

Free Migration:

You can move your website to MilesWeb servers anytime you want. Just let them know your convenient migration date and they will safely migrate your website files from the old server to MilesWeb server for free.

Web Host Manager (WHM):

WHM lets you build and maintain several cPanel accounts under one admin account. WHM makes the complete process of managing all the cPanel accounts easier.

cPanel Control Panel:

A user-friendly web-based GUI can be provided to your clients to manage their domains, emails, and websites. For Windows reseller hosting plans, you get the Plesk control panel.

Host Unlimited Websites:

The number of hosting websites is not restricted because you can host limitless domains under your cPanel account with their unlimited reseller hosting plan.

Free SSL Certificate:

By giving you a free SSL certificate, they ensure that your website is safe. The SSL not only protects the data of your customers but also helps to create confidence in your visitors as well as increases the rankings of your website in search engines.

Free Domain Reseller:

Along with selling web hosting services, you can even resell the domains. This will give you an additional opportunity to make some more money. They give you a free domain reseller account which helps you to sell over 400 extensions and TLDs.

Free Website Builder:

With the free website building tool, you and your customers will be able to create your own website. No programming or coding knowledge is required. The drag-and-drop function lets you build your site and launch it in just a few minutes.

Datacenter Choice:

The data center can be chosen from different locations such as the USA, UK, India, Australia, Singapore, and Canada according to your requirements.

Malware Detection and Protection:

The website is constantly checked for some malware or virus and is automatically deleted if either of them is detected.

Email Service:

You can set up a professional company email id and view emails from anywhere using the browser-based Webmail. Webmail supports email addresses from POP3 / IMAP.

100% SSD Storage:

SSDs provide the highest output over HDDs. SSDs use flash storage to quickly store data and eventually improve the speed of your website.

One-click Installer:

With their one-click installer tool, you can install more than 400 apps, saving your full time.

The Bottom Line:

Delivering the best MilesWeb Reseller Hosting service as a digital agent is critical and is only feasible if the right reseller partner is selected. So, from the above analysis, you may have got an insight into MilesWeb and its features. They are the only best reseller partner that can support your digital agency by helping you to sell web hosting under your brand-name.



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