Top 6 WordPress Issues And Their Solutions

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Table of content:

  • Security Issues
    • Solution
  • Page Speed
    • Solution
  • Sitemap
    • Solution
  • White Screen of Death
    • Solution
  • File Get Contents
    • Solution
  • 404 Error
    • Solution
  • Conclusion

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WordPress is a steady programming software and works without issues and problems more often than not. WordPress is the best CMS of 2019. Despite that, on occasion, things might go somewhat haywire, plus your WP site could decline to work ordinarily. Top 6 WordPress Issues And Their Solutions.

In its 13 years of existence, WordPress has empowered incalculable individuals to begin their own sites, professions, and organizations on the web.

That is a quite noteworthy accomplishment and a demonstration of the platform’s capacities. Nevertheless, no one is immaculate, not by any means, our preferred content management system (CMS).

In the accompanying, we will take a glimpse at probably the top 6 WordPress issues and their solutions. That way, must you ever experience any of them, you will be more than ready to manage and deal with the circumstance.

Security Issues:

secuity issue in wordspress

WordPress utilizes an open-source structure for some parts of the site, implying that developers could get to the webpage’s source code in order to perceive how it functions, adjust it depending on their requirements, plus share their code on the web with each other.

On the one hand, this could be seen as a helpful and positive angle, as it spares the web developers time once they could include officially composed code into their site. It could likewise concede you more opportunity to customize and personalize themes dependent on your individual requirements.

Then again, in any case, this structure could likewise leave your site defenseless against being compromised. Having every one of your systems or frameworks code accessible online makes it that a lot simpler for hackers to discover security hole in the code.

SQL injections are basically assaults in which the program hackers implant directions, whether in the client remark or comment box or client Uniform Resource Locator to trigger specific conduct by the client’s database. SQL, actually being the actual language of command utilized for MySQL database, in case that accurately changed in an injection might uncover sensitive data regarding the specific client database.

Hackers of WordPress could alter the actual subtleties or content on that client’s site. A large number of the Uniform Resource Locator hacks likewise can possibly activate the unintended commands of PHP which once more might uncover the sensitive data. Here are Top 6 WordPress Issues And Their Solutions.


solution of security issue in wordpress

Different types of SQL injections practice a significant number of today’s digital and cyber assaults on the site. Meanwhile, most of the installations of WordPress are facilitated plus hosted on the webserver named Apache.

webserver plus in order to characterize approach the guidelines Apache utilizes document titled .htaccess, somewhat of tweaking in client .htaccess code could spare the client from such kind of disturbance of SQL or Uniform Resource Locator injections.

What is more, there have been frequent cases of noxious and malicious code being set into printed code; thus, you can unintentionally be enabling hackers to access protected data.

Obviously, this issue isn’t explicit to WordPress alone, as it happens on numerous PHP websites as well as it has, luckily, improved as of late as individuals have turned out to be increasingly mindful of the dangers, yet it is as yet something to watch out for in case you are hosting and facilitating on the platform .

Page Speed:

speed issue when using wordpress

How to Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Plugin?

A typical frustration alongside working on WordPress websites is the slow webpage load time.

This happens for a couple of reasons – overabundance plugins or modules, generic code that does not add to the general functionality and usefulness of the site. Alongside more plugins and modules plus increasingly custom themes, the more it could take your PC (as well as the PC of your clients) to process the data.

Best case scenario, a slow load time becomes the cause of the frustration for the developers and marketers working on the site. Even from a pessimistic standpoint, it could turn-off guests plus causes them to leave your website, costing you prospective and potential leads. We are providing top issues in wordpress and their solution so take a look and find out your problem and continue your development.

Additionally, currently, Google utilizes webpage load time in their positioning calculation, plus punishes sites that move gentler and slower.

What’s more, WordPress utilizes thumbnails in different places around your site. For example, very next to the post listings, and in the footer, etc.

Listen to this, however, in case you ever alter the theme, the settings of the thumbnail will change alongside it. What does not change, in any case, are basically the thumbnails that were created already. This you have to do without anyone else.


image resolution when using wordpress

A module like Regenerate Thumbnails will enable you to out. It actually takes your pictures and produces new thumbnails as per the present settings.

Luckily, there are a couple of obvious solutions that will build page speed, comprising extra plugins or modules (ironic, huh?) plus disabling/enabling distinctive setting choices.

In any case, nonetheless, this issue could be a typical wellspring of frustration or disappointment for WordPress clients, as well as solving for this problem could occasionally up time that can be spent improving the website as opposed to fixing the viruses and bugs.


sitemap issue in wordpress CMS

How to Edit Sitemap in WordPress:

The sitemap is a rundown of webpages on a site that is available to all clients. An XML sitemap is basically a route for site proprietors to enlighten web search tools regarding every one of the webpages that exist on their site.

XML WordPress sitemap likewise tells web search tools which links on the site could easily compare to other people and how much of the time you update your site. Whereas sitemaps don’t boost and support your search rankings, it permits web search tools to more readily creep your site.


In case you are getting an issue approximately your XML Sitemap, plus you do not have a clue what it implies, you could discover it here, alongside the reason and its answer!

  • If your sitemap isn’t utilizing the format of URL, for instance, it doesn’t exclude/include www or even has HTTP rather than https.
  • Its cause may be the sitemap utilizes a similar protocol as the WordPress Site Uniform Resource Locator.
  • In order to resolve this, go to Administrator. Then Settings and then General plus change the website Uniform Resource Locator s to the correct protocol.

In case that you have as of late switched your format of URL. You might have inaccurately formatted and designed URLs in the database. Kindly backup the database plus complete alongside the search as well as supplant of the old to the new format.

  • In case that your plugin would not make a sitemap.

The reason might be the settings of the permalinks are not appropriately saved.

In order to resolve this, you require to go to ‘Settings’ of WordPress in backend and then go to the ‘Permalinks’ as well as tap on ‘Save Changes’ (deprived of altering no matter what).

  • If your sitemap consists of gray links.

To resolve this, gray links in the sitemap recognize as of late visited Uniform Resource Locators in your very own browser program. Google doesn’t see the browser program formatting and designing as they recover the XML source code.

White Screen of Death:

White Screen of Death in wordpress content management system

As the term proposes, a White Screen of Death implies once you get to your site, you don’t see anything however a blank webpage. Blank Page Showing WordPress:

There could be different clarifications for a WSOD, the most prominent ones being the comparability problems alongside a theme or a plugin. Clearly, the “incompatibility” itself could have various faces:

a plugin might have a dispute alongside another plugin or module, or a plugin might not be impeccable and compatible alongside the newest edition of WP. In this manner, a theme might moreover experience compatibility problems alongside WordPress after an update.


White Screen of Death solution

The simplest solution is to confine your directory of plugins initially. To do as such, navigate and explore to the base root of the WP installation by means of FTP (expecting you can’t, at all, get to your site as well as all you acquire is a WSOD), plus after that head to the /wp-content. Find the folder termed plugins plus rename it. Make another folder termed “plugins.”

This will detach all the plugins, and in case that your site works fine, at that point indeed, one of the plugins is to blame or fault. Try not to open the plugins page now; else you might wind up deactivating all the plugins.

When you have confirmed that one of the modules is actually behind the WSOD, you could duplicate individual plugin or module files from “plugins_old” to new plugins. ” Individually, to check that which one is actually causing the WSOD.

For themes, the method is considerably less complex. Navigate and explore to /wp-content/themes, as well as after that active themes folder needs to be renamed. Next, you need to open up the WP admin panel, plus head to the web page of themes.

This is going to cause WP to actually fall-back to the default theme (Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve, contingent upon your WP installation edition).

File Get Contents:

File Get Contents

A problem, for example, this one:

Cautioning: ( file_get_contents [function: file-get-contents]: neglected to open the stream on the line XYZ

More often than not, such blunders happen in light of the fact that the web host has strong security settings in the configuration of PHP (“security” that is not as in to avoid the hacks, yet to forestall abuse of server resources, and so on.).


In case you approach to file named php.ini, you could resolve the problem yourself. You need to open the file, as well as find the accompanying line:

allow_url_f open = Off

Presently change the “off” worth to “on,” as pursues:

allow_url_f open = On

In case that you don’t approach your php.ini document, you should contact your web facilitating. Hosting supplier and request that they empower allow_url_fopen. Likewise, if this problem is trailed by a message. For example, “neglected to open stream: no such directory or file in… “,

it could imply that the referenced document is either absent or not readable or comprehensible (search for it in a predetermined way, and in case that you discover it, check its file or document authorizations).

Top 6 WordPress Issues And Their Solutions.

404 Error:

404 error when using wordpress content management system

The symptom of this problem is that as soon as a client visits a solitary post on their website. They acquire a 404 page – not actually found the problem.

The client could browse every single other segment of their website comprising the administrator region. The most well-known reason for this problem is permalink settings in WordPress.

Indeed, broken connections or links do not show up on your website in some mystical manner. This is, to a greater degree, a natural procedure.

For example, in case that you linked or connected to a third-party website, state, two months back, yet then that website went disconnected and offline, at that point you currently have a broken and messed up the link.


To solve these problems, a client would require reconfiguring their settings of permalinks or manually updating their rewrite guidelines.

And Obviously for the broken links, discovering every single broken connection by hand would be inconceivable. Rather, utilize a module known as Broken Link Checker to take care of business.


Even though the software turns out to be progressively reliable and dependable with each release and introduction. Life as a WordPress client is unavoidably not going to be unicorns and moonbeams 100 percent of the time.

As your understanding alongside the platform develops, thus will your troubleshooting skill and feeling of quiet even with the unforeseen.

The issues we have covered above are amid the most well-known ones you will keep running into in WordPress; thus; our rundown ought to have you entirely decidedly ready for regular situations. Connect via remarks and let us know!

Thanks a lot. This topic is “Top 6 WordPress Issues And Their Solutions” Wait for our next Article.


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